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Holistic Health


Our philosophy behind tinctures is our gentle nature and ability to capture the spirit and physical essence of a plant and make those compounds available to you in our wellness products.

Collection of Herbs
Salves, Balms & Liniments

Our liniments are alcohol based and are to be applied topically to the skin which allows the botanicals in our products to seep into skin. Salves and Balms are simply infused herbal oils combined with beeswax- to thicken them into a solid state. 

Essential Oils

Our high quality plants and processes ensures our essential oils are derived from the highest quality to ensure maximized potency in our oils allowing less plant material to be used. 

Dried Herbs

Our dried herbs come directly from our farm where they are dried out naturally allowing all the compounds to remain intact for potency and ready to be used in edible or topical products.


Our Natural Health


Old and Young

Our Mission has remained the same since we started formulating, which is to make effective, natural plant medicine a priority for your health and wellness rather than a "alternative". We truly believe using botanical medicine with the proper regimen can help. Whether you're young, old, sick or healthy, the body is a natural working machine that can be repaired and enhanced with what nature provides us and the help of modern science. We take pride in our effective growing tactics, extracting processes and final formulation of products that have helped countless of patients.


Grow. Extract. Formulate. Heal.



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